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Why Join Unikosa Online Community?

For our alumni, parents, and friends, we strengthen bonds to our alma mater and each other; we help them to thrive in faith, service, learning, and work; and inspire them to act as forces for good in their communities and the world.

Meet New People across Unikosa globally

The opportnities inherent in the sheer privilege of being a member of this global network are endless. Every new connection is a potential goldmine.


Access to Job Opportunities

How would you like to know that you could pop-in here at any time and find the right job offer for your need or a desired contract offer? That is what Unikosa offers!

Find People with Your Same Interests

The beauty of joining our network is the guaranteed possiblity of meeting people with similar interests. The fun and excitement is endless. The creativity that is unleashed by such association is unimaginable!

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