Frequently Asked Questions

You can create an account via this link and request membership by filling the form. You will receive an activation email thereafter.

Absolutely! Account ownership on is free for life. There is no payment whatsoever to own a user profile. Payment is only necessary to access certain user-specific contents and areas on the site that are otherwise not accessible to the general public.

Yes, anyone can create an account. However, activation of the account is subject to verification of the user by the admin through set coordinators.

Unikosa is for the alumni members who have indicated interest to join the registered body and each member is largely identified by the SET he/she belongs to. Anyone who fits this description can be invited to join and have a user profile on the website.

Not at this time.  Maybe we can consider it for any purpose we might find relevant in the future.

You can close ( delete ) your account from the Account Settings under your user Profile Settings. Click on your account avatar to take you there.

You must ensure first of all, that your classmate is already registered on the site. You can search out the name of your class mate either, using the search field that’s visible everywhere on the site at the top of the page. You can also make use of your SET group and check if your class mate is already enrolled there.

Job Adverts, when available, will be displayed on various side bars. You can also make use of the menu provided to get to the Job Adverts page directly.

Definitely, Yes! 

Creation of groups is exclusively done by site admins at the moment. However, every member of a particular group can invite friends to join.

Every member of this site will be eligible to join at least, two groups. By default, you already belong to the GENERAL group.

To join any other group ( for instance, your SET group ), click on the GROUP sub-menu from the COMMUNITY menu

( COMMUNITY -> GROUP ) to see a list of all available groups. locate your group of interest and REQUEST MEMBERSHIP.

The group admin would receive that membership request and approve it once he/she thinks you’re a bonafide member.

lost or forgotten passwords can be recovered by initiating a password reset request via this link:

You will enter your email and a reset link will be sent to you.

Sometimes, especially the first time, emails from this site can land in your SPAM box. Please check your SPAM and mark the mails as NOT SPAM so that subsequent mails can land in your INBOX.

if you do not get emails at all, you may have to contact your email provider to resolve the issue. Alternatively, you may have to change your registered email to one that can receive mails from us.